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Please excuse any rough edges on this website as I enhance the experience for you.

SITE UPDATE: 2016/01/08

These site updates help you know what to look out for while using this site, and me keep on a development process to build my skills.

Now live: Visual adjustments of the site banner.

Next up: Working in The Playground a little bit. Learning some tables, sectional dividers, hopefully it won't get messy around here. I still need to get forms down, so I can enhance the Contact Tim section a bit.

Font choice: I'm excited to try out a very modern, technical, crispy-cool font from Intel called "Clear Sans"; the perfectionist in me has obsessed for hours over this choice.

Be aware: (1) CONTACT TIM does not yet work (2) the top site banner is only the first rev (3) the Playground is for experimental technologies that may (or may not) be deployed on the site. (4) The Twitter box is super-cool, but can't it be made to look any better?


2014/11/22: Visual adjustments of the site banner, and Tim's Christmas list.

2014/11/09: ABOUT TIM is more fleshed out, please don't stalk me! ;-) And, Tim's Twitter feed is here on the front page! See all my tweets/retweets/favorites/etc., hopefully providing you with some informative tech news! Feel more than welcome to "Tweet to @timswork" to send me a message or reply back to something!

2014/11/05: Major revamp of the site, with consolidated tech help list, social media connect icons and a new content about me. Prepping for future site organization changes.

2014/11/04: New site banner - a friendly little retro-cool computer guy to greet you with open arms! How cool is that?

2014/11/04: Maturing & organizing more of the underlying code.

2014/11/03: Working under the covers to mature and organize the code, based upon new techniques that I've learned.

2014/10/30: Added this SITE UPDATE box for informational purposes.