Just in case you were interested.

MAJOR UPDATE 2017/04/22: TIMSWORK 2.2 has arrived, freshend up for 2017!

* Now mobile-friendly, for your easy viewing pleasure when you are on tiny screens!

* The WHAT I USE page is new, where you can see what makes me tick; for those of you techies who are interested in the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes stuff.

* The Changelog is now more prominent within a new SITE UPDATE page, while deprecating The Playground to far below on the new page; because I felt like it.

* The Twitter timeline feed is fixed, as evidenced on the front page; now it's not a stupid cramped box anymore. Glory hallelujah! But, I decided to remove the feed from the front page, to keep mobile bandwidth at a minimum, for the time being.

* Contact Tim page now has actionable clicks to put you in touch with me a lot easier!

* CSS restructured to a full style Reset, for a uniform experience on any browser that you may use.


2017/04/22: NOTE: I removed all the little site updates since 2.1 and merged them into the 2.2 description. Enjoy!

2016/10/21: TIMSWORK 2.1! The great 2016 site refresh is here: New icons! New colors! New banner! Realigned pages! Major HTML/CSS code scrubs. The rough edges disclaimer is off! Maturity has arrived.

2014/10/28: TIMSWORK 2.0! After years with a crappy old 90's looking website (TIMSWORK 1.0), my new HTML5 & CSS3 skills bring you this completely rebuilt-from-scratch, modernized website with a bright, white clean theme, and the crispy-cool modern Intel Clear Sans font - Grab it for yourself! I hope you enjoy it all, being mindful of the construction dust!

2006/08/31: TIMSWORK 1.0, where this all began! After buying the domain, I needed a website and wanted to learn clean HTML code. It had big & juicy Apple-esque menu buttons, but was rather dark-themed and a bit disjointed. Hey, it was my first shot!

Thank you for stopping by and choosing me!

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Random acts of technology. Just hit the home button below if this page doesn't make sense to you.

Mark it up to education webucation!





Learning new things can be fun! That's what this is all about, a training ground for my new web skills.

I've got these CSS tables newly under my belt now.

Row 2 Col 1

Row 2 Col 2

Throwback to the 90s

More columns = more col margins = whacked!

3rd time's the charm?
This row height has been set artificially high.

But this row's column widths are specified in percentages, not #px = better row balance!

Are you enjoying all the wild colors? This is crazy pink here in Column 2.

Friends make a boring HTML table test into something spectacular!
Friend Location State Drink Color Occupation
Benny Somerton PA Beer Blue PC Guru
Mike Fairmount PA Water Green Dietician
Laurie Havertown PA Diet Coke Orange Manager
Dwaynerz Portland OR Cocktail Yellow Developer
Sarah Williamsport PA Pepsi Pink Accountant
Dakota San Diego CA Martini Silver Contractor
Lee Marlton NJ Stoli Gold Java
Tim Philadelphia PA Pei Wei Blue CCNA

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